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CTA Sponsors Wilson L Rehab Meeting

From Ald. Cappleman’s latest newsletter:

CTA Public Meeting About Wilson L Station. At the request of Ald. Cappleman, CTA will be holding a public meeting to update the community about the Wilson L rehab.

For a view of some of the plans, click here.

Because federal monies are involved, this meeting is required to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties.

When: Thursday, June 26 at 6pm

Where: Weiss Memorial Hospital

at 4646 N. Marine Drive

via Uptown Update: CTA Sponsors Wilson L Rehab Meeting.


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There will be a new Sunnyside entrance/exit in the rehabbed el station. Graceland-Wilson Block Club has been communicating with the CTA about their plans. Here is a condensed version of their latest conversation:

GW: Are there plans to include a new pedestrian pathway from the Sunnyside station to Montrose adjacent to the alley?

CTA: The official pedestrian path to Montrose is on Broadway. An additional path for those traveling west is through Truman College along Sunnyside to Racine.

GW: The current configuration under the el tracks is not pedestrian friendly. How will this space be designed?

CTA: The parking that is not under a long term lease will be converted to a park and ride lot for CTA customers. The parking lot north of Sunnyside (by Aldi’s) will be reconstructed to include a pedestrian island from the Sunnyside entry to the Truman College pathway on the north side of their parking garage. The area under the el at Wilson will be partitioned with ornamental iron fencing detouring people from cutting through this area. The new station will have ample lighting and cameras below the new track structure between Sunnyside and Wilson.

GW: What other depts are working on design elements?

CTA: CDOT will have a streetscape program that will include adding bike lanes to Broadway and add some landscaping in the near future (when Wilson is complete). CTA will also have art displayed at both the main Station at Wilson and at the Sunnyside Auxiliary entry.

via Neighborhood News.

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via Wilson L Reconstruction Project — WE NEED YOUR HELP ASAP!.


Neighbors Association


(Montrose to Wilson, Malden to Broadway)

Dear Neighbors,

As you probably know, the Wilson L Station and adjacent property will be renovated in a $203 million, 33-month project to begin in mid-2013. Many of you went to the CTA Open House at Truman College recently and saw the CTA’s renderings of a modern, safe, and more welcoming main station, retail space in the Gerber building and a new south entrance to the Red Line platform on Sunnyside between Target and Aldi. The CTA wants this south entrance as do the majority of respondents to our Wilson L Restructuring Community Survey. more


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via Uptown Update: Red Line Stations Will Open On Time; Other Work To Take Longer.

Red Line Stations Will Open On Time;Other Work To Take LongerRedEye’s Tracy Swartz was at Ald. Osterman’s CTA meeting last night about the Red Line improvements in progress and in store, and comes away with the news that — while the station work will most probably be on schedule — the extra work viaducts and eliminating slow zones will take a little longer. Intermittent road closures will take weeks longer than the station work. more


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via 3 Magnolia Malden Neighbors Block Club.

Kathy Cook

A recap of the votes from Monday’s Zoning & Development meeting on the proposal for the new development at Montrose and Clarendon.3 members voted “yes” and 27 voted “no”, which means the lack of support for this project is quite clear. However, at least 15 members expressed that they would consider changing their votes based on specific issues being addressed and/or expressed a desire to have more opportunity for review and information.The alderman’s office summarized the main suggestions/concerns from the Committee’s feedback for Sedgwick at the time that the Alderman informed them that the committee voted “no.” He told them that he stands by the decision of the committee. Sedgwick responded by sending the following proposed changes:…See More


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More on the never-ending balance between diversity/gentrification.

via Red Line Project.

By Lisa Klein and James Mazurek

The Red Line Project


Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ric Addy owns Shake, Rattle and Read, a 45-year-old record and bookstore in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Each day, familiar faces from the neighborhood pass through his store.

“On the North Side, Uptown is the biggest melting pot of any neighborhood,” he said “I like the mix of people.”

But that diverse mix is starting to change as the neighborhood’s landscape is changing with gentrification. more

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As the race hurtles towards the finish line, the coverage keeps heating up.

via Uptown Update.

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Windy City Times covered the recent aldermanic forum in Lakeview at the Inter-American School, and also interviewed the three gay candidates pretty extensively:

* 46th Ward Forum Covers TIFs, Police—But No LGBT Issues

* James Cappleman

* Don Nowotny

* Emily Stewart more


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via Uptown Update.

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photo by Jeffrey Littleton

The Sun-Times says in a story today that “CTA’s top brass want to hear what riders have to say about plans to close up to three North Side stations and two others in Evanston along Red and Purple Lines…. Station closures also are being considered at Thorndale, Lawrence and Jarvis stops in Chicago.”

We posted about this on Monday, and the week before, urging readers to go to the Uptown forum to tell the CTA how you felt about the Red Line as it stands in Uptown. A few did. But we’ve been getting a lot of email from people who are upset and surprised by the news that the Lawrence stop might be shuttered.

If there’s a theme to this blog, this is it:

Be Aware! Make Noise! Do Something! more


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NPR profiles our own Target!

via Big-Box Retailers Move To Smaller Stores In Cities : NPR.

by Franklyn Cater

December 21, 2010

An Urban Target Store

In Chicago’s diverse Uptown neighborhood, Target last July opened a brand new store with a twist on its usual business model. The Wilson Yard store is near a Red Line L stop and right on a bus line, providing easy access to public transportation. Parking is underneath the store rather than taking up room out front. Pedestrians walk right next to the building, looking in the windows as people once did with Target’s downtown retail ancestors. more


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via Uptown Update.

Sounds like a serious neighborhood issue…

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An Uptown police officer writes in:

“I’m currently a police officer assigned to the 023rd Dist. I am also a resident of Uptown. Not sure if you are aware, but the current Chief of Patrol, Ernest Brown, has some big plans for the patrol division effective the first period of 2011. One of them, and the one most concerning, is to remove all Tactical Officers from district law enforcement. This means that another 30 officers will be stripped from the district. more

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