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photo by Jeffrey Littleton

The Sun-Times says in a story today that “CTA’s top brass want to hear what riders have to say about plans to close up to three North Side stations and two others in Evanston along Red and Purple Lines…. Station closures also are being considered at Thorndale, Lawrence and Jarvis stops in Chicago.”

We posted about this on Monday, and the week before, urging readers to go to the Uptown forum to tell the CTA how you felt about the Red Line as it stands in Uptown. A few did. But we’ve been getting a lot of email from people who are upset and surprised by the news that the Lawrence stop might be shuttered.

If there’s a theme to this blog, this is it:

Be Aware! Make Noise! Do Something! more


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NPR profiles our own Target!

via Big-Box Retailers Move To Smaller Stores In Cities : NPR.

by Franklyn Cater

December 21, 2010

An Urban Target Store

In Chicago’s diverse Uptown neighborhood, Target last July opened a brand new store with a twist on its usual business model. The Wilson Yard store is near a Red Line L stop and right on a bus line, providing easy access to public transportation. Parking is underneath the store rather than taking up room out front. Pedestrians walk right next to the building, looking in the windows as people once did with Target’s downtown retail ancestors. more


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Sounds like a serious neighborhood issue…

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An Uptown police officer writes in:

“I’m currently a police officer assigned to the 023rd Dist. I am also a resident of Uptown. Not sure if you are aware, but the current Chief of Patrol, Ernest Brown, has some big plans for the patrol division effective the first period of 2011. One of them, and the one most concerning, is to remove all Tactical Officers from district law enforcement. This means that another 30 officers will be stripped from the district. more

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A reader sent us a great site he set up which asks the community for solutions to several “areas of improvement” like crime and business development. Once you submit an idea, other residents can agree or disagree with it. Many of you have shared great solutions in our comments but keeping them all in one place should be more helpful. We think the folks that should be open to the solutions will be taking notice but we can always forward them to the appropriate channels.

Ready to brainstorm? http://www.uptownsolutions.ideascale.com

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The CTA has revised their “adopt-a-station” program. This might be a good idea for Uptown block clubs and organizations to check into. Should Target “adopt” the Wilson L? Why not shoot an email to Target District Team Leader Jeff DeMoss at jeff.demoss@target.com?
Regardless, something needs to be done. Read more here

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