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CTA Sponsors Wilson L Rehab Meeting

From Ald. Cappleman’s latest newsletter:

CTA Public Meeting About Wilson L Station. At the request of Ald. Cappleman, CTA will be holding a public meeting to update the community about the Wilson L rehab.

For a view of some of the plans, click here.

Because federal monies are involved, this meeting is required to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties.

When: Thursday, June 26 at 6pm

Where: Weiss Memorial Hospital

at 4646 N. Marine Drive

via Uptown Update: CTA Sponsors Wilson L Rehab Meeting.

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The community met, committees were formed and spent 5 months working on their top proposals. There were 2 community meetings presenting ALL the proposals from the committees, and now it’s up to you! Starting Saturday, April 27th there will be Early Voting for your top choices on how to spend the 46th Ward’s discretionary funds. Anyone 16 years and older who lives within the 46th Ward boundaries is eligible to vote. You can vote for your top six (6) projects. The projects getting the most votes will be funded, and the projects will be completed in order until the money runs out. Voting options are as follows:

Early Voting

(Ward Office, 4544 North Broadway)

Saturday April 27

9am – 12pm

Monday, April 29 – Friday May 3

9am – 5pm

Voting Assembly

Uplift Community High School, 900 West Wilson)

Saturday May 4

9am – 2pm

You can vote on safety and lighting projects, walkability and biking projects, beautification and public art projects, public information projects and more. The proposals run the gamut from practical projects like adding security cameras for local crime hot spots to a grand proposal to make a plaza out of the Sheridan/Montrose/Broadway intersection. You can view the projects at the Ward office (including a nifty diarama), or on-line at http://pbchicago.org/.46th-ward.html. Again, you have 6 votes (but they must be for different projects, not 6 for 1).

via Neighborhood News.

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There will be a new Sunnyside entrance/exit in the rehabbed el station. Graceland-Wilson Block Club has been communicating with the CTA about their plans. Here is a condensed version of their latest conversation:

GW: Are there plans to include a new pedestrian pathway from the Sunnyside station to Montrose adjacent to the alley?

CTA: The official pedestrian path to Montrose is on Broadway. An additional path for those traveling west is through Truman College along Sunnyside to Racine.

GW: The current configuration under the el tracks is not pedestrian friendly. How will this space be designed?

CTA: The parking that is not under a long term lease will be converted to a park and ride lot for CTA customers. The parking lot north of Sunnyside (by Aldi’s) will be reconstructed to include a pedestrian island from the Sunnyside entry to the Truman College pathway on the north side of their parking garage. The area under the el at Wilson will be partitioned with ornamental iron fencing detouring people from cutting through this area. The new station will have ample lighting and cameras below the new track structure between Sunnyside and Wilson.

GW: What other depts are working on design elements?

CTA: CDOT will have a streetscape program that will include adding bike lanes to Broadway and add some landscaping in the near future (when Wilson is complete). CTA will also have art displayed at both the main Station at Wilson and at the Sunnyside Auxiliary entry.

via Neighborhood News.

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Alderman Cappleman is inviting everyone who lives in the 46th Ward to vote on which projects to spend the $1 million allocated for our Ward. People of the Ward gave ideas on how to spend the money, and committees were formed to evaluate all these ideas. The projects recommended by these committees will be on view on two (2) different dates prior to the Public Vote. Come see the plans and talk to the Committees. Find out which projects will appear on the ballot for a PUBLIC VOTE this May.

Saturday, April 6th, 10:00am-12:00pm – Uplift High School, 900 West Wilson Avenue

Monday, April 8th, 6:00p – 8:00 pm, Preston Bradley Center, 941 West Lawrence Avenue

The public vote will take place April 27th – May 5th.

Visit www.james46.org or www.pbchicago.org for more information.

via Neighborhood News.

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via Events « the Magnolia Malden Block Club.


There will be a public meeting tongiht (March 14th) to review the requested zoning change for the Andersonville Guest House (4872 North Clark).

7pm, at the Charlie Chaplin Auditorium, St Augustine College, 1345 West Argyle Street.

You can view the proposal and supporting information at http://james46.org/andersonville-guest-house-at-4872-n-clark/

please note there is no parking available at St. Augustine’s for this event.


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via Ward Remap.

Greetings! Today I voted yes for the “For A Better Chicago” remap of the 50 wards in the Cityof Chicago. The 41 “yes” votes in City Council mean that we received the minimum required number of votes to avoid a City-wide referendum. With the new addition of the Uptown Theatre, Annoyance Theater, and the historic Green Mill within the 46th Ward, I will have the ability to better coordinate efforts to make the Entertainment District a destination point for the entire Chicago metropolitan area. The 46th Ward already includes the Aragon Ballroom and the Riviera Theatre. My goal for the process was to avoid gerrymandering and to protect the many different neighborhoods that make up Chicago. Although some of this did take place, I believe the passage of this map will discourage a very costly city referendum and a lawsuit that could cost the City around $70 million. This money is better used for libraries, schools, health care, parks, and the police. It is still possible that a group could contest this map, but with the majority of aldermen voting in favor, it is unlikely a challenge would be successful. This was the one map that was supported by all aldermen including those that represent African-American and Latino communities. To view the full ordinance, today’s City Council proceedings, and the City’s new map, click here. Please see below for more news on:G8 and NATO Summits OrdinanceOrdinance to Better Relationships Between Community and BusinessVolunteers Needed – Shoveling for Seniors and Neighbors with DisabilitiesSidewalk Cafe ApplicationsQuestions and Answers for Proposed Maryville DevelopmentUpcoming Events Best,signature Nov 2011 Ald. James Cappleman


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Dear Friend, ,

Last night, just before midnight, two Uptown men were shot west of Truman College at 1255 West Wilson. Soon after, at approximately 12:30AM, another man from the south side of the city was shot near Uplift High School.   The police believe these shootings are part of the same incident and believe they are gang-related. At this time, no one has been arrested.


The incident is still under investigation with Area 3 Detectives. Police presence has been increased in the area.


Positive loitering will occur tomorrow night, Friday, July 29, 2011, at 7:00 PM, at the corner of Wilson and Hazel. We will then walk west to Wilson and Magnolia. Please support our neighborhood by attending this event.






Signature James

Alderman James Cappleman

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